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So.  It’s been a difficult couple weeks, and as one might expect I’ve been seeing the hardship translate onto my Yoga mat. Since I’m sure I’m not the only one who faces difficult and/or frustrating circumstances, I’m just going to go for the topic.  Yoga + Frustration.   This season is a weird one for […]

    Hello friends! Oh the Downward-Facing Dog adventures we had.  Thank you for practicing!  Here’s a Tuesday-Night Review for the interested– We began practice on Tuesday night with a review of the Yogic 3-part breath and the Ocean-Sounding Breath.  The latter, “breathing with sound,” is the tool with which you can bring greater awareness, […]



Hello friends, Welcome to the new home for Tasha’s yoga news, tips, and more– I’ll be updating regularly with insights from teaching, reading, and practicing, and I’ll keep an ongoing journal of the postures/etc practiced in my December classes (so that students can review at home if they’d like).   Check back to find out […]