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Go with Winter.


     Last night, in the Astanga class I attend, we spent some extra time on backbends, which is fabulous.  After all, in the Astanga Primary Series, there’s a lot of forward folding — which means that back-bending can provide a very welcome counterbalance.        But here’s the thing.  My body clearly thinks I […]

So.  It’s been a difficult couple weeks, and as one might expect I’ve been seeing the hardship translate onto my Yoga mat. Since I’m sure I’m not the only one who faces difficult and/or frustrating circumstances, I’m just going to go for the topic.  Yoga + Frustration.   This season is a weird one for […]

     Just got a twitter (tweet?) from a friend, asking for stretches he can do after a long car ride. Because of my work with Ellery, I spend a great deal of time in a vehicle — and I’ve had to adapt Yoga in really fun ways for van life and for post-road-trip circumstances.  […]

Over the last week, I’ve been corresponding with a good friend about my journey with Yoga: How I started, what kept me going, etc.   In the process, I realized that I’d never quite articulated the story before — And it captures a good deal of what’s important to me now as a teacher.  (Go […]

  So I’m reading a book that’s asked me to make a list of the top five things I want in life. The idea/point is that it can be so easy to lose track of what it is that we really want. At some point we find ourselves focused on goals that are narrow and specific, […]

The Tuesday review for the Interested…   Our theme was Surrender: Being at peace with the body you brought to the mat.  Exploring the body, and allowing it, peacefully, to have whatever strength it has.  To see where your edges are, but once you’ve found those edges, to surrender to them: To not wish it […]



Hello friends, It’s been a wholly beautiful week… My last few days have been deliciously consumed with Ellery’s holiday show with Ric Hordinski, which was as magical as we could have expected (and perhaps more.)  Justin and I are feeling particularly Grateful today… And it’s a great season for it.   I’ll post Tuesday’s sequence […]