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I came upon this article (below) on the website for National Yoga Month and had to share it in full! If you’re interested in Yoga’s benefits for the listed or other ailments/injuries, get in touch!  We’ll talk about how Yoga can help you, and/or we’ll develop a routine that’s ideal for your body and situation. […]

(Continued from Oct 1) I often encourage beginning students to imagine that the breath is massaging their tight muscles. Perhaps they can’t stretch their muscles quite yet, but the breath can — at least on a subtle level. I do this imagining in my own practice from time to time, when muscles are cold and stiff, and when […]

I’ve been so excited about re-upping my commitment to a daily Yoga practice… In fact, in the midst of a chaotic tour I began The Daily Mat blog and started tweeting pics every day on Twitter.  (Join in!!) So there’s a lovely bit of irony in the back injury that came to visit in September, right […]

:: Continued from Tuesday September 8 :: Though I took in the practice’s significance that July morning, I was on a course.  I had designed a strict fitness regimen for our month away, and I confess that the idea of altering it to include more Yoga didn’t even cross my mind.a In mid-August, for no […]

:: Continued from Monday September 7 :: There are few certainties in my life.  A very, very, few.  And I confess that it strikes me as odd that Yoga is one of them.  (It’s had a nearly absurd longevity considering my background and random inclinations… But it keeps proving itself, so I keep listening.) As […]

The Daily Mat.


As a celebration of rediscovering a daily Yoga practice, I’m taking a daily picture of my Yoga mat – wherever my travels (and my practice) find it. As a touring musician my practice is squeezed in wherever I can make it work: Someone’s living room, a hotel room, outdoors, in the van.  Sometimes our schedule […]

The last many months have swelled by, demanding a return to the MergeYoga-sphere with a blog in three parts. So here we are friends, and here we go: This Spring we toured and wrote for a new Ellery record; in the Summer we recorded it.  The month of August was then a strange gestation period: […]