About Tasha.

As a full-time touring singer-songwriter and recording artist, I turned to yoga for help managing common occupational ailments such as At The Living Room, NYCworkaholism, anxiety, and clinical depression – all of which I still battle. As a certified Kripalu yoga instructor and a 200-hour registered member of the Yoga Alliance, my immediate work is to help other artists to utilize the practice as I have– for improved performance, decreased anxiety, relief of tension… and inspiration, energy, and overall health.  I employ many of the same techniques to incorporate Yoga into many other careers & lifestyles, some crazier than others.  

What I’ve found is that it always fits.  There’s always some way, however small, in which the benefits of Yoga can reach you.

When in my hometown of Cincinnati, I conduct classes, generally in series fashion, as well as personal sessions to help students manage stress and work toward physical health & fitness.  From time to time I also offer personal sessions while on tour.

Speaking of which, in my non-yoga (and increasingly also-yoga) job, I’m a member of the band Ellery.  You can listen in and find our story at www.ellerymusic.com and at www.myspace.com/ellerymusic.  

"You Did Everything Right" EP

If you’d like, we can back up. 

My story really begins with a “move to the big city” in 6th grade.  The upheaval led to steady weight-gain, and my lifestyle was soon one of non-activity and a gravitation toward food & isolation.  When I graduated high school, I weighed 205 pounds and was struggling to fit into my size 16/18 jeans.

Living on campus in college pointed out my unhealthy habits.  I didn’t want to be out-run by the young kids I worked with, & I didn’t want to be singled-out as the “fat girl going for seconds” in the cafeteria.  These weren’t ideal motivators, but within a couple years I’d signed up at a local gym, adjusted my diet, and battled away 65 pounds.

Soon after, Justin (the man) & I created our band, Ellery. We’ve always toured constantly, and I’ve had to be super-creative about staying in shape. (Which comes neither easily nor naturally for me.  Thanks, genes.)

 In 2005 I found Yoga: a portable exercise that also helped with the anxiety and stress that come with my job.  I modified moves for long road trips (Yoga at 70mph, anyone?), created practices for hotel rooms, and found routines that could be done on a host’s living room floor.  Over time, I not only lost 15 more pounds but also developed a healthier motivation for overall physical health.

(Quick catchup: These days, thankfully, it’s less about looking right or avoiding insults.  It’s now more about how I perceive myself, how compassion must begin with the self.  It’s about discovering how it feels to have energy for living.)  (It feels great.) 

Life on the road is nothing if not crazy, but I’ve made Yoga work.  It’s gloriously adaptable and portable, unlike my friend Cardio, although he manages to stick around too.  (Climbing the back stairwells at hotels when there’s no fitness room: Not glamorous, but it does the trick.)

I’ve often enlisted Yoga’s benefits in green rooms around the country, to find peace before shows, to breathe better, and to energize our performances.

In 2008 I became certified to teach Yoga, and MergeYoga is the result of my passion for helping people merge the practice with their very-individual lifestyles.  I’ve customized postures & routines for touring musicians (the Green Room Sessions), frequent travelers, busy moms, corporate professionals, etc.  

Being a Yogi is not for everyone… But Yoga is. 

Let’s get you in.


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  1. 1 Jillian McKee


    I’m contacting you in regards to mergeyoga.wordpress.com. I’d like to offer you a timely article focusing on the benefits yoga has to offer those battling various forms of cancer. My two passions are yoga and writing, hope I can share that with you. Please let me know if this is something that interests you. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Love & Light-


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