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     Just got a twitter (tweet?) from a friend, asking for stretches he can do after a long car ride. Because of my work with Ellery, I spend a great deal of time in a vehicle — and I’ve had to adapt Yoga in really fun ways for van life and for post-road-trip circumstances.  […]

Over the last week, I’ve been corresponding with a good friend about my journey with Yoga: How I started, what kept me going, etc.   In the process, I realized that I’d never quite articulated the story before — And it captures a good deal of what’s important to me now as a teacher.  (Go […]

I got this today from an old friend & a new student — “So I was watching [8-month-old] Aedan play this afternoon and his little body is amazing.  It is like watching this beautiful choreography as he moves from one thing to another.  His down dog is perfect, his back is always comfortably straight and […]

     So it’s Yoga Day USA.        If you’re like me, you barely know what this means, but it sounds like a nice time.  :) (“Take a day a celebrate enjoying Yoga!  Encourage someone to try a class! Host a free Yoga event!  Etc!) This is the first year I’ve been aware […]

  So I’m reading a book that’s asked me to make a list of the top five things I want in life. The idea/point is that it can be so easy to lose track of what it is that we really want. At some point we find ourselves focused on goals that are narrow and specific, […]



So… I’m not the type of person who gets into random meet-and-greet chit-chat. I’m not the type of person who reveals a lot about myself. I’m not the type of person who’s into team sports. Hmm, this could go on. I’m finding that one of the brilliant rewards of Yoga is its teaching about limited […]

Well friends, It’s a New Year.  We huffed our way through the holidays (in a spirited, good-natured way, one hopes), and we’ve crossed the threshold into 2009.   I’ve often felt that this (somewhat arbitrary) point in one’s calendar should elicit some kind of significant transformation, some sacred renewal, some refreshing sense of purpose, meaning, […]